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Elastic modulus on rocks

It can be used with a Matest high stability frame with capacity of 2000, or 3000 kN coupled to the Automatic Servo-controlled system "Servo-Plus Evolution"

The appliance includes:

• Hydraulic system

  ‣ The combination of a step by step motor and a high-performance valve allows a micrometric action on the pace rate, granting excellent results in the control of the load during both loading and unloading phases. A laser position detector allows a rapid positioning of the piston and a very accurate touch point. This grants a touching sensitivity of test starting of about 0.1 % of the maximum capacity. When used in conjunction with the C104NLP (see p. 70) for the application of the side pressure, the hydraulic system permits to maintain the pre-load level with extremely high accuracy.

• Electronic measuring system

  ‣ The digital control unit, controlled by a 32-bit microprocessor, can manage up to 8 high resolution channels for the control of load cells or transducers with strain gages bridge. The unit contains two Analogical/Digital last generation converters with 24 bits resolution. Data acquired from the system con be used for a further processing.

• Data acquisition and processing software UTM2 (Universal Testing machine 2) with License for Elastic Modulus on Rocks

  ‣ This software gives the possibility to use pre-set profiles of the main Standards or modify/create personalized profiles.