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Asphalt Shear Box Compactor

• The Asphalt Shear Box Compactor is being used in FHWA Contract “Deployment of Performance Based Technologies for Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design and Resource Responsible Materials Design” to fabricate specimens for Level 1 analyses using the AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design software.

• It is the only compactor capable of fabricating specimens for all of the following mechanistic-empirical performance tests:

  ‣ Dynamic Modulus, AASHTO PP 61

  ‣ Repeated Load Permanent Deformation, AASHTO TP 79

  ‣ Flexural Fatigue, AASHTO T321

  ‣ Low Temperature Creep and Strength, AASHTO T322


  ‣ Extremely sturdy fabricated frame combined with precision machined components

  ‣ Servo hydraulic vertical ram with integral hydraulic power supply

  ‣ Precision electro-mechanical shearing motion

  ‣ Integral specimen extruder

  ‣ Electronic control unit with touch screen color display

  ‣ Unlimited memory storage with: 2 USB ports, 1 SD card slot , RS232/485 serial port

  ‣ The compaction cycle can be programmed by specifying vertical stress/load and test termination conditions; Number of cycles, Specimen height and/or density

  ‣ Asphalt Shear Box Compactor can be equipped with a precision load cell for vertical and shear stress measurement, upon request

  ‣ Optional built-in mould heater